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Windsurfing course

Introduction to windsurfing course on Lake Garda for beginners

For this windsurfing course we are thinking of those who like water, sun and wind and we recommend that you recharge your batteries by trying a new sport.

You will follow a 12 hour course learning the basics of windsurfing.
By the time you head home you will have learnt enough windsurfing to be able to go out by yourself. You will have had the fantastic experience of speeding over the water as if you were flying.

What's included

4 days introduction to windsurfing course

The Wind Square instructors use the VDWS teaching scheme and will teach you all the basics in the easiest way possible.

They use equipment that has been chosen as the best teaching material. Your lesson will start with some theory and on-land practise using a simulator which helps you understand the most important things about windsurfing before you get on the water.

By the end of the course you will be able to windsurf by yourself in light winds, and to understand about winds and equipment so that you can judge what to use in which conditions.

Where is the school

WWWind Square - Via Gardesana, 374 - 37018 Malcesine (VR)


From Monday to Thursday at 10:00 am


12 Hours (4 days - 3 hours)

What to bring with you, advice and restrictions

You need to bring a swimsuit, sun cream and a towel.
The youngest age to join this course is 7 years old and there is no maximum age!
You should be able to swim in deep water for 15 minutes.
All necessary equipment is included in the price of the course.


Lake Garda is a lake set about by mountains that stretches down to the Padana plains. This means that Lake Garda benefits from thermal winds which vary from zone to zone in the morning and the afternoon.
This gives a great range of winds which are suitable for beginners, improvers and experts.

On a normal day, Malcesine enjoys the northern morning wind known as the Peler which dies down in the late morning and is replaced by the southern wind Ora in the afternoon which is a lighter wind and less gusty.

WWWind Square

Via Gardesana, 374 - 37018 Malcesine (VR)



The service provider will supply all the equipment needed for taking part in the lesson/course/lift in complete safety, as for example life jacket and helmet if necessary for the chosen activity


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When do you want to go?

All months

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