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Brentino Belluno

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Canyon Vaio dell’Orsa on Monte Baldo

Canyoning route at Brentino Belluno on Lake Garda with mountain guide

Fun and adrenalin in a wild environment. An adventure in beautiful natural settings, normally hidden from the eyes of other tourists. You may have to make your way down attached to a rope to get over waterfalls or boulders. You may have to dive and jump into natural crystal clear rock pools. You may have to slide your way over rocky stretches being borne along by the water currents.

With the help of an expert local guide you will be able to explore some of the more inaccessible parts of this beautiful countryside, always in safety.
The canyoning Vaio dell’Orsa is Tuesday at 09:00am.

What's included

Half day canyoning in the river Vaio dell’Orsa

The Vaio dell’Orsa is located at Brentino Belluno. The environment is very suggestive: it alternates narrow spaces with high walls and deep pools of crystalline water that at some hours of the day are hit by the sun creating a play of light and warming the water a little bit.
This canyon is among the hottest of our area and the water temperature is always enjoyable.

The Vaio dell’Orsa is suitable for the most of you and fits perfectly if you are in need of adventure. The level is average but, with some courage and physical effort, can give you very intense emotions. The approach by feet is about 45 minutes. Many dives, toboggans and descents are waiting for you along the 11 waterfalls. The highest is 25 meters.

Meeting point with the alpine guide

c/o Base Xadventure, Via Mulini 2 - 37020 Brentino Belluno (VR)


Monday at 09:00am


4/5 hours

What to take, notes and limitations

Wetsuit, neoprene shoes, helmet, harness, life jacket, transfer and insurance are included.
Please wear tough shoes suitable to walk in the water (no sandals or water shoes), bathing suit, towel and a spare t-shirt.

Is essential not to fear water and narrow spaces.
Is suitable even for children (minimum age 14).


The Vaio dell’Orsa is a long torrent located on the eastern side of the Monte Baldo. It can be
traveled from the highest point, Ferrara di Monte Baldo, to Brentino Belluno.

Canyoning Vaio dell'Orsa

via Mulini, 2 - 37020 Brentino Belluno (VR)



The service provider will supply all the equipment needed for taking part in the lesson/course/lift in complete safety, as for example life jacket and helmet if necessary for the chosen activity


When do you want to go?

All months

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